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Real Property Assessment

  • Building Something New

    New constructions and additions, taxable construction, non-taxable maintenance, repair or replacement.

  • Buying or Selling Property?

    Find out what you should expect now that you own real estate. You may be able to transfer your Prop. 13 value to your child(ren) or grandchild(ren).

  • Changing Your Mailing Address

    PDF fillable form.

  • Manufactured Homes

    All new manufactured homes purchased on or after July 1, 1980, and those on permanent foundations, are subject to assessment on the local roll.

  • Notice of Supplemental Assessment

    Supplemental assessments are value adjustments required by law when a property changes ownership or undergoes new construction.

  • Prop. 13

    Proposition 13 was adopted by California voters in 1978, and changed the definition of taxable value for all real property in the state.

  • Transfer Property Among Family

    A family home that is transferred between parents and children or from grandparents to grandchildren may be excluded from reassessment.